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An agile transformation isn’t about implementing or adopting Agile. It’s about becoming more responsive and adaptable to meet the changing market needs of today. An agile transformation should accelerate your business deliverables and make your organization nimble and competitive.

While learning the agile processes, the right framework is an important first step. Lasting Agility is a result of continuous re-work and keeping a systems thinking view of the organization at large. It includes investing in training your teams, in not just the process, but also a new way of thinking.

The learning needs to be supplemented with on the ground Agile coaching to ensure that the best practices are well engrained resulting in a truly lasting agile team. Our transformation experts use the ideal combination of the right trainings and coaching along with consulting to ensure that practices are consistent across the organization. While all this time it important that eye remain on the prize of better business outcomes.

It is important that we begin the Agile transformation with an end in mind and not just be bogged down by agile adoption by teams. Without the right business outcomes, an agile transformation initiative is an extremely expensive and wasteful expenditure


A Three-pronged strategy for a sustainable transformation including Execution, Culture and Mindset


Framework selection along with Trainings & Coaching

We approach execution carefully. We study our client’s business to create a focused and effective solution. An in-depth analysis is conducted through surveys and one on one discussions to understand the current processes and structure. An Agile approach is followed with complete visibility for the stakeholders into progress. Inspecting and Adapting as we go along.


Culture eats Strategy for Breakfasy

Clients often approach us with a general idea of what they need when going Agile. Existing organization culture can be at crossroads with the move to iterative development which demands transparency, trust, and accountability to build high performing teams that are continuously improving



Agile Mindset for Leaders & Teams

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed but not having the right mindset can derail the entire transformation. Our Mindset and Mindfulness workshops are the essential ingredients to a sustainable Agile Transformation. Mindset is key to adopt the Agile Values and having your teams be open to the change to come.


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